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Own and respect your legacy code

The majority of developers will find themselves working with legacy code at one time or another. Many will even be working with legacy code for their entire software development career. There is a tendency in our industry to have a very negative attitude towards legacy code.

"Who wrote this crap"
"What were they . . .

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Entity Framework Code First - Where is my database

So you have started up a code first project using Entity Framework - You're happily coding along but at some point you probably want to know where your database is.

Since all of the wiring up of the database happens automatically when you're running the update-database command you might not be aware of where it is.

. . .

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June 07, 2016

Reset Entity Framework migrations

The fine art of starting over with code first migrations

Code first migrations for Entity Framework are great but migrations add up over time. Sometimes you really need to clean them out to keep on top of what's going on. Sometimes you just wish you could start fresh.

Be advised that the solution you will see in this post will be irreversible - Please use source control and back up . . .

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Logging SQL statements in Entity Framework with interception

In a previous post I have shown how to log SQL statements that Entity Framework creates for us. In that post we used DbContext.Database.Log for logging. DbContext.Database.Log is a very effective tool but if you want more flexibility you should try out DbCommand Interception.

DbCommand Interception makes it available for you to . . .

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May 04, 2016

Logging SQL statements in Entity Framework

Using an ORM like Entity Framework it can often be beneficial to see what goes on "under the hood". When debugging or performance enhancing your applications you need to know how the SQL statements that are executed towards your database looks like. Entity framework has a few ways of doing just that. Lets have a look at a some easy . . .

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April 28, 2016

Code first migration commands for Entity Framework

Code first migrations in Entity Framework has existed since Entity Framework 4.3. But migrations are still accessed from the package manager console and it's not always easy to remember the commands and the parameters that go with them. This post will provide you with a quick reference for the most commonly used command names and . . .

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ASP.NET vNext is now in Visual Studio

With the release of Visual Studio “14” CTP we now have access to limited tooling for ASP.NET vNext. Here is a quick view on the new toy.

Download and install

Visual Studio "14" CTP can be downloaded here

Beware that this version of visual studio is a preview and should not be installed alongside other . . .

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June 04, 2014


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